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Lafayette vs. Holy Cross

Today was my first time back to my college baseball field since graduation, many (many) years ago. I was really impressed with the much needed renovations to the ballpark, since back when I played, our field really didn’t compare too well with the other fields in our league. It was a really windy day, but overall the weather was a nice low to mid 50s, partly cloudy day. A good day for baseball.

My 9 year old daughter, Madison, joined me for the game. Instead of having her just tag along next to me as I moved around the ballpark shooting, I actually let her use my second camera. Prior to the game, as we ate lunch at home and during the hour long drive, we talked about how to use the camera, what to look for when shooting, as well as thinking about composition and backgrounds. She asked a lot of good questions and she seemed really excited about the day.
She captured some pretty good images too!

We didn’t stay for the entire second game of the double-header. I could tell she was ready to head home for some dinner and an early bedtime, since she was up much of the night before at a slumber party. I was fine with leaving, since I had such a great time shooting with her and watching my old team play some really good ball.

The full gallery of images is located: here.

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