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My Assistant…(Dad Brag Post)

Click the thumbnails in the gallery above…check them out. Those were all captured (except for the shot of her holding a camera) by my 9 year old daughter Madison at the Lafayette vs Holy Cross NCAA baseball game the other day.

We went through the editing process together last night, which was “painful” for her since we culled the images down to 18 from around 300. I did help her with the post processing (ok, ok…I did all of the post processing, but it was minimal, and she was sitting next to me)

As mentioned in my previous post, on the ride to the game we talked about some basics, but during the game I let her shoot what she wanted and didn’t guide her. For the majority of the time, she was by my side, but she did wander off on her own quite often to get a different angle or she saw something that caught her eye. I let her wander and just warned her to be aware of foul balls. It was funny for me to see the double-takes from some of the other photographers that hadn’t noticed that she was with me.

She shot with the Canon 5d Mark II with the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L. She was shooting in either Shutter Priority or Aperture Priority mode the whole day (basically, she shot with whatever settings I was using). We swapped that camera back and forth quite a bit so we had to figure out a way to determine image ownership. Our solution was to take a snapshot of our respective shoes prior to shooting. That way in post processing, we’d know that all the pictures between Maddy’s shoe and the next image of my shoe were all hers. Then once the images were imported, I just tagged her images with “MKImages” (Madison Kathleen…MK is one of her nicknames). This workflow was strange, but solid.

I think she did a really great job, wasn’t intimidated by anybody, and seemed to have a lot of fun. She has already been in my ear about shooting Lafayette versus Army this Saturday, if the weather is ok. In the meantime, she has offered to assist me with an outdoor portrait session on Thursday this week.

Between my 3 year old riding a two-wheel bike on her own this week and Madison doing so well at the ballgame, I’m a really proud dad!