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Nico, Amalie, and Dash Session
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Nico, Amalie, and Dash Session

[vimeo vimeo.com/24718438]
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As I was driving down the long tree-lined driveway on the way to the photo shoot, I had a few concerns. First, it’s hot – like 95 degree hot, so I was scanning the property for shaded areas where I could shoot the kids without them getting completely fried from the late afternoon sun. My second concern was having three excited kids running around all in different directions (herding cats) and having only a few minutes to capture some images of 2 year old Dash before a potential crash and burn. Having two kids of my own, I am sensitive to the possible volatility of a two year old. Lastly, would I be able to work with 10 year old Nico? Has he reached the age where he is “too cool” for a family photo session? If so, what kind of magic can I pull out of my bag to be able to have enough of a connection with him to get a few good shots?

There wasn’t much I could do about the heat. We found some shade. That’s about it. As for the 3 kids running in all different directions? Yup. That happened. And it felt like herding cats but we were able to manage a few group shots. My last concern about working with Nico was a complete waste of energy. He was awesome and seemed to really have a good time with the shoot. There were a couple of times, when I was just working with him individually (when his siblings were having a snack break) that we were both cracking up so much I couldn’t shoot. I probably missed some good shots of him laughing…oh well, we were having fun. The hammock images of him really illustrate his willingness to just have fun while I was shooting.

The surprise of the day was Amalie. She was so excited to have the photo shoot that she had created some poses ahead of time. Every time I pointed the camera to her, she struck a cat-walk pose – hip kicked to one side, arms crossed with her hands on opposite shoulders, a head tilt, complete with a “cheeeeese” smile! Of course, I shot those images – and showed her the images on my camera. It was adorable…but we needed to get some natural smile (no cheeeeeeeese) images or else we wouldn’t have any print-worthy images of her. We got some good images of the kids throwing rocks, and running around, but Amalie’s eyes are ridiculously blue and amazing that I knew I had to get some closeup portraits – without the cheeeeeese. As everyone was heading back up the driveway, I was able to get Amalie by herself for a few minutes in front of a spring house on their property. In that 5 minute period of time, I got some of the best images of the day. She was so comfortable and relaxed that the natural expressions came through and we got those eyes!

Sometimes it’s funny how life can toy with you. You fret about the things that turn out to be nothing, and get surprised by situations that don’t even appear on the radar. And the most challenging situations can yield the best results.

We got some decent images, had a lot fun while shooting, and the kids were polite, kind, playful, and responsive (and photogenic!). It was an awesome day!

Here are a few images from the shoot…


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