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Sky and Lark Session
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Sky and Lark Session

[vimeo vimeo.com/22957550]
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Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of playing documenting a few moments in the lives of Sky and Lark (and their pup Huck). The setting was their backyard and the hundreds of wooded acres just on the other side of their fence.

As always, there were a few obstacles to overcome including 30 mile per hour wind gusts, Huck on the loose in the woods (and then jumping all over us in his excitement to have new friends), and Goldfish crackers.

But sometimes, you have to use obstacles to your advantage and make them assets – or at least, not let them be show-stoppers – and to not show that you are freaking out in your head thinking, “how on Earth am I going to get any good shots today?! The dog is going nuts chasing the kids and jumping on me, the kids are covered in Goldfish crackers since they’re hungry. Darn! The dog just ran through the fence into the woods – and the kids are trying to follow…and the wind just blew the reflector away…and THERE’S A GOOD SHOT – but wait, he’s holding a GoldFish bag!!!”

Breathe. And laugh. Let go of the need to control the uncontrollable and just have fun with it! (Oh, and find the dog).

Huck came back. I photoshopped most of the crumbs away. The wind made for some really interesting dynamic looks for the kids. And we got some good shots…

The kids listened really well and weren’t intimidated (at all) at being in front of the camera (or by me). Having my daughter Maddy along helped, as well. Not just from a “hold the reflector right there” type of help, but by being my liaison and facilitating the process by engaging with the kids and playing. We didn’t do many poses, just some positioning here and there…overall, we just played and had fun. Kids being kids.

Here are a few images from the day…


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